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  • Properties: (50ml)

    Hibiscus oil is both regenerating and nourishing for skin and hair. It's a real beauty ally! Rich in vitamins, it confers antioxidant properties. It sheaths and nourishes the hair fiber, while restoring strength and vitality to dry and brittle hair. Combined with the benefits of sweet almond oil, you have a softening and nourishing product, perfect for dry to very dry skin.

    • Nourishing, softening and regenerating.
    • Multi-purpose product: Body and hair
    • Leaves skin and hair soft and silky
    • Penetrates quickly, without leaving a greasy feeling
  • Directions:

    Dry to very dry skin

    Dehydrated skin

    Anti-free radical care (skin exposed to pollution and the sun)

    Prevention of stretch marks

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